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What you wanted to know about RITM³. Part 2

We continue to answer your questions about the RITM³ digital platform.

Why is RITM³ not a desktop application, but only a client-server?

- Because we are forward looking and it gives us the opportunity to:

- use modern technologies, which includes the transition to cloud computing in the future and improving the quality of work with RITM³ models and modules: data exchange, etc.;

- to work in multi-user mode, on any computer, without using emulators, which can reduce software performance, under any operating system (OS), from any place with the Internet. For example, on Astra Linux OS RITM³ can work even in the mode of mandated access delimitation (MAD), which meets the requirements of the legislation in some countries;

- to integrate RITM³ with ITS and other information systems in the future, which will again increase the quality and speed of model development;

- integrate external information systems and databases into RITM³ to fill models with data in automatic mode;

- to build on the basis of RITM³ and transportation models complex highly loaded and integrated transportation management systems with extreme requirements to data and computation security. RITM³ operates under any security conditions, including in a fully closed loop. You can also install RITM³ on your own, without our experts, to preserve the integrity of any loop. In addition, in the development we take into account modern requirements for the security of software products;

- not to be tied to a leased server. RITM³ can run on any server: yours, leased or on our facilities.

If you have specific and most important for you wishes - write them to us. We will try to take them into account during development!

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